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5 Must-Have BEE&YOU Products in Your Bag for Winter

5 Must-Have BEE&YOU Products in Your Bag for Winter

We've handpicked five favorite BEE&YOU products essential for your bag during the winter months!


Intensive Care Cream: Formulated with Anatolian Propolis, royal jelly, raw honey, hyaluronic acid, olive oil, B5, and E vitamins, BEE&YOU S.O.S Intensive Care Cream rapidly repairs dry and cracked skin during the winter months.


Anatolian Propolis: A natural way to incorporate phenolics and flavonoids into your diet is by consuming Anatolian Propolis. Supporting your immune system with its high phenolic and flavonoid content, BEE&YOU Propolis Water Soluble Extract is recommended for children (10 drops a day) and adults (20 drops a day), mixed with water, milk, or fruit juice.


Non-Nano Mineral Zinc Sunscreen: If you're into winter sports, have facial sunscreen with Anatolian Propolis and non-nano mineral zinc. BEE&YOU Natural Sunscreen for Face, with its non-nano mineral zinc filter, shields your skin from harmful UVA rays, preventing premature aging.


Lip Protector: For dry and cracked lips in cold weather, BEE&YOU Propolis Raw Honey Lip Balm contains nourishing oils like Anatolian Propolis and shea butter. Antioxidants from elderberry and propolis repair cracked lips, while valuable vitamins like B5 provide natural care.


Propolis Spray: Propolis sprays are essential for soothing your throat and refreshing your breath, even during holidays. Try the 100% natural BEE&YOU Propolis Raw Honey Throat Spray, formulated with patented pure Anatolian propolis, raw honey, and menthol.

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