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SBS Americas Inc.;

Environmental we conduct our activities and develop applications in accordance with all legal and other procedures.

We aim to minimize our impacts on energy use, natural resource use, especially water, waste, water and air emission.

We adopt an environmental management approach aimed at continuous development.

We support the performance of the Environmental Management System with scientific developments.

If it is not possible to prevent, re-evaluate and recycle our waste generated in our processes at the source, we dispose of it in accordance with the legislation.

We act with our environmental impact in mind in our decisions.

We provide continuous training of our employees. We raise awareness of our stakeholders. From our suppliers to our customers, we receive the support and contributions of all our stakeholders.

We regularly review our environmental policy, monitor and audit our performance by following through on goals and objectives.

SBS Americas Inc.; we are committed to implementing our environmental policy to the highest applicable standards. 


General Manager

Asli Elif Tanugur Samanci



KAGİDER-Garanti- EconomistTurkey's Woman Entrepreneur 2016

With the cooperation of KAGİDER,
Garanti Bank, and Economist Magazine, BEE&YOU was awarded the "Most
Promising Woman Entrepreneur of Turkey" category award in the 2016
Turkey's Woman Entrepreneur Competition. This award recognizes Dr. Aslı Samancı,
one of the co-founders of BEE&YOU. Dr. Aslı Samancı is a Food Engineer and
Biologist. She cofounded BEE&YOU, Turkey's first commercial producer of
pure Anatolian propolis. After graduating from Istanbul Technical University's
Food Engineering Department in 1996, she worked for 18 years in the bee
products industry. During this time, she also completed her master's degree at
ITU. She led numerous national and international projects focused on products
like honey, royal jelly, and propolis. Determined to start her own company
based on this experience, Dr. Aslı cofounded BEE&YOU with her husband,
Agricultural Engineer Mr. Taylan Samancı, and Professor Dr. Dilek Boyacıoğlu at
Istanbul Technical University ARI Technopark in 2013. Using the
"Contracted Beekeeping" model, BEE&YOU sources honey, royal
jelly, and propolis from 550,000 beehives. Thanks to Dr. Aslı's expertise in
developing processes to make propolis suitable for human consumption,
BEE&YOU provides natural and healthy products to consumers in various
innovative formulations.

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