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Propolis, as a natural bee product coming from hive, plays an important role in supporting the immune system with its high antioxidant activity.Propolis is a natural bee product that the bees collect from the stems, buds and leaves of plants with high antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Bees use it for the sterilization of hive. The Co-Founder and General Manager of BEE&YOU Propolis, Food Engineer MSc. Asli Elif Tanugur Samanci explained what is propolis and why it is important for children’s health and nutrition.

Samanci said that “There are mainly phenolic and flavonoid substances in the natural composition of propolis. These bioactive components are responsible for many health benefits of propolis. Propolis prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses with its high antimicrobial activity. It also shows anti-inflammatory properties. Propolis can be used as a support for the treatment of many diseases with these health promoting effects. Also, it strengthens the immune system on regular consumption by increasing the antibody production in the body. However, propolis cannot be produced in its raw form. In order to be suitable for human consumption, it should go through extraction process. This procedure must be carried out by experts in appropriate conditions.”

Samanci added that “In school period, an increase in the frequency of illness is observed among children.Pathogenic factors that children exposed to in crowded environments like nursery, school, especially affects the children with low immunity. Therefore, it is important to support the children’s immune system. Propolis is a bee product that can be used to increase the immune system of children in a completely natural way. Scientific studies show that propolis strengthens immunity and protects against diseases.In a research conducted in Ohio State University in 2006, the effects of mixture containing propolis against upper respiratory tract infections were investigated. It was found that, propolis mixture decreased the number of episodes of infection, duration of symptoms and number of illness days.In addition to these scientific results, we receive lots of health related positive feedbacks from our consumers. Children who consume propolis regularly have a significantly lower frequency of illness and recover more quickly in case of diseases.”


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