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 Our food assurance policy is to make sure high quality propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen, bee bread, honeys with different taste and flavors, special mixtures of those products, cosmetics produced with pure bee products from the fascinating forests and mountains of Anatolia, presented to our valued customers are analyzed and approved to be compatible with legal regulations and global food safety management standards and packed in hygienic conditions with appropriate packaging accordingly with customer expectations and ethical rules,

is to become one of the world’s top brands with our reliability and by differentiating our brand from others with our special bee products, mixtures, cosmetics and is to become a sector leader by increasing sales with our superior technology and product quality,

is to control our quality management system with targets and performance values, examine for continuous improvement per certain periods and clarify it to personnel with education and make sure it is being applied,

is to take necessary precautions for environmental plan, personnel health and safety,

is to ensure that all employees adopt our food safety culture,

is to achieve optimum customer satisfaction,

is to help our suppliers and beekeepers for their continuous improvement,

We, as Scientific Bio Solutions Inc., are committed to applying our quality assurance policy at the highest standards.

General Manager

Asli Samanci




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