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Boosting Children's Immunity with BEE&YOU Elderberry Propolis Daily Throat Spray for Kids

Boosting Children's Immunity with BEE&YOU Elderberry Propolis Daily Throat Spray for Kids

Introducing BEE&YOU's latest innovation: Elderberry-Propolis Daily Throat Spray formulated explicitly for children. Discover how this natural, tasty solution with elderberry, vitamin C, Anatolian Propolis Extract, strawberry juice, and raw honey supports children's immunity.


This specially formulated throat spray is designed to cater to the unique needs of children, offering a natural and delicious way to support their immune systems.


At BEE&YOU, we believe in the power of nature! That's why BEE&YOU Elderberry Propolis Daily Throat Spray for Kids contains only five natural ingredients: Elderberry Extract, Vitamin C, Anatolian Propolis Extract, Strawberry Juice, and Raw Honey. These ingredients work together seamlessly to provide a tasty, effective solution to boost children's immunity.


BEE&YOU Elderberry Propolis Daily Throat Spray for Kids is not only delicious but also a potent ally in promoting your child's well-being. Each serving (four sprays) delivers a robust combination of 18 mg of Vitamin C (equivalent to 20% of the Daily Value), 200 mg of Elderberry Extract, 160 mg of Anatolian Propolis Extract, 240 mg of Strawberry Juice, and 200 mg of Raw Honey. With these natural ingredients, you can be confident you're providing the best support for your child's immune system.


Anatolian Propolis Extract (A.P.E) is a key ingredient in our Kids Daily Throat Spray. Propolis is a natural substance honeybees collect from plant leaves, buds, and stems. Bees use it to protect their hives from fungi, bacteria, and viruses, creating a natural shield. BEE&YOU sources propolis from the pristine Anatolian mountains, a region known for its rich biodiversity. We extract this precious substance using our patented technology to ensure its purity and effectiveness.


The efficacy of elderberry in addressing common ailments in children has been scientifically validated. A study led by Dr. Michael Macknin, a professor at the Cleveland Clinic, explored the use of elderberry in treating children aged 5 to 12 with influenza B. The remarkable results indicated that elderberry significantly shortened the duration of flu symptoms in children.


Vitamin C is pivotal in supporting the immune defense system by facilitating various cellular functions of the body's adaptive immune systems. With this potent combination of elderberry and vitamin C, your child's immune system will be well-equipped to combat everyday illnesses.


Suggested Use:

For best results, spray four times into the mouth and swallow twice daily to ensure your child gets the necessary immune support.

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